CSC’s Wereldwijd worden voorgedragen voor NobelVredesPrijs 2019

Het Drugs Peace Institute is gestart met haar campagne om alle Cannabis Social Clubs wereldwijd, die opereren volgens de ENCOD Gedragscode, voor te dragen om genomineerd te worden voor de Nobelprijs Voor de Vrede in 2019. Via de link kunnen jullie alvast meer informatie inwinnen rond de campagne .

Voor TUP, haar leden, verzorgers en bestuur, is dit een extra hulpmiddel in de strijd voor legalisering van cannabis en aanpassing van het huidige beleid door de regering.
Hieronder kan je ons antwoord op het voorstel tot nominatie nalezen:

Dear Drugs Peace Institute,

It is our honor to be included on the list of nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. As the first and oldest CSC in Belgium, we see this nomination as a confirmation of our hard work and dedication. Over the passed 11 years, we have continuously tried to safeguard our organisation and members from any and all who look to profit from the Social Club model. In the meantime we strive to educate and demonstrate towards legislative representatives that CSC’s can be an alternative to an environment that is filled with criminals and is overall detrimental to personal health, social cohesion and public safety. We aim to be an example for government officials, while we prove that when people are working together, in a responsible, healthy and transparent way, the Cannabis Social Club model is effective and just.

We also accept this distinction to be nominated with pride, gratitude, and in loving memory of our founder Joep Oomen, without whom we would have never be able to take on the responsability of being pioneers. It shows a great deal of appreciation towards Cannabis Social Clubs worldwide, for their tireless work to stop demonising consumers, decriminalising Mother Nature and influencing public opinion towards legalisation. By holding ourselves to the same standards in his memory, we hope to continue the fight for individual freedom, honesty and health, by defending our morality and rights.

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